• Register for a Wow Virtual Visit



• Attend the Virtual Visit webinar
• Watch the webinar through to the end for your point to be awarded
• 1 point per webinar
• Receive 5 extra points for watching 10 full webinars



• (platform with over 40 stores to choose your gift card at)
• 1 point = $5.00
• Cash out at any balance above $25.00

A Rewarding Experience

We know - you're overwhelmed with webinars, but we also know that staying on top of new trends and technology is a top priority.  With Wow Lighting's Virtual Visit webinar series, you'll be able to learn and be rewarded for your time and engagement!

Wow Insider Rewards is an incentive program designed to encourage repeat, engaged clients at Wow Lighting's Virtual Visits and other qualifying webinars!

Wow Insider Rewards Logo

Look out for the WIR logo on invitations and webinars listed on our website's Event list for additional opportunities to earn points!

1 point = $5.00 toward an EverythingCard (one card with 40 different stores to redeem at). 
Cash out at any amount above $25.00.  Earn 5 bonus points for attending 10 full webinars.

Qualifying Webinars

Stay tuned for more opportunities!


For every webinar a client registers for and attends through the end of the presentation (excluding Q&A or games following presentation), they will receive 1 point. 1 point = $5.00.

Clients that attend 10 full webinars will receive an additional 5 points ($25.00 value). Clients may cash out at any amount above 5 points ($25.00) for an EverythingCard.

Wow Insider Rewards program is only open to Wow Lighting clients and partners, and must be an Alberta resident.

Wow Insider Rewards program is by direct invitation from Wow Lighting or approved forwarded invitation only, Wow Lighting will hold authority over any issues regarding qualification for rewards.

Clients must register with a company email address.